The Terrain Approach

To Preventing and Treating Cancer

New Hope for Cancer Patients

The Terrain Approach to Preventing and Treating Cancer is not a "silver bullet" solution. Why is this program significant? All the other similar books I have read are a collection of miscellaneous cancer information and conclusions. After years of research, I have discovered several complimentary solutions and broke this information down. Short and simple, this book tells you what to do in a few minutes.

Now is the time to return to a love for life as a sacred gift.

My research for this book is based on the terrain approach, a historical treatment protocol and the work of renowned oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini. Dr. Simoncini has an amazing success rate in treatment of various cancers.

  • 98% success rate with melanoma
  • 95% success rate with breast cancer
  • 90% success rate overall

The Terrain Approach

"Counsel to create a will to live and a hopeful attitude without fear"

This book focuses on a single aspect of Mr. Wittig's undertaking. The Sacred Life Center is dedicated to researching and educating the community concerning critical health issues. Mr. Wittig is available for public speaking engagements and educational seminars for people interested in or affected by serious health issues. For more information, please visit our website at

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